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History of Precision Eforming Buckbee-Mears

History of Precision Eforming

The roots of our company begin in 1907 with Charles E. Buckbee and Norman T. Mears, when they collaborated to establish Buckbee-Mears Company, a small photoengraving plant in St. Paul, Minnesota. After watching the business grow for many years, Norman’s son, Norman B. Mears became involved with developing new metal etching technology. He pushed for the expansion of the business into photochemical reproduction during WWII. When the US Navy needed grids etched on the eyepieces of military equipment, his technology led to the development of the metal reticle. During peacetime, Norman found a way to use this technology to originate processes and equipment for making color television aperture masks. Early in the 1960’s Buckbee-Mears was working with General Electric on a project that required specifications in aperture size and thickness that were difficult to achieve with the photoetching process. To meet these new product requirements, electroforming was introduced.

After many years of developing and improving the electroforming process, the division was relocated to the Buckbee-Mears facilities in Cortland, New York in 2002. The move was part of the company’s overall plan to consolidate operations and reduce costs. In late 2003, Buckbee-Mears Company announced that they would be selling the assets of its Cortland, NY location, which was being phased out so Buckbee-Mears could focus on growing its Vision Ease optical lens business. The managers of the electroforming division realized the importance and criticality of the product to their loyal customers and rallied to find a way to save the business. In Feb 2004, they partnered with a Syracuse NY investment firm, Torridon Companies, to purchase the electroforming division, thus allowing uninterrupted service to the customers of the business. The new company was named Precision Eforming and moved to a new facility in Cortland, NY.

In 2015, Torridon Companies sold Precision Eforming to now President, and long-time employee, Julie Griffin. Throughout our evolution, we have made continuous improvements to our manufacturing process as we strive to produce the highest quality product with shortest lead time for our customers. Each precision electroformed product is custom-built, by the hands our highly skilled professionals, and then meticulously inspected by microscopy for any imperfections. Made with Pride. Made in the USA. Made for You.