Micron Sieve Certification Services

Sample Recertification Certificate. Click to enlarge.
Sample Histogram.
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At Precision Eforming, we offer micron sieve certification services to certify your micron sieve for the first time or re-certify your test sieve to ensure it is still working at its ultimate performance level.

All sieves, even our precision sieve products, encounter normal wear. To ensure your sieve is still working at its ultimate performance level, Precision Eforming recommends an annual inspection and re-certification to ASTM E-161 or ISO 3310-3 standards.

Inspection points include:

  • Openings certified using a NIST traceable imaging system
  • New serialized histogram returned with each micron sieve (sample below)
  • 100% opening inspection for wire breakage
  • Weld and epoxy inspection and/or repair

Re-certification is performed immediately as your goods are received, in an effort to limit the impact on your process.


When cleaning your micron sieve on your own, some of the following tips will be useful to keep your sieves in the best working condition.

You should use an Ultrasonic cleaner of 150 watts or less. Fill cleaner with water at a temperature of between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and place sieves in edge wise for 15 seconds – remove and let air-dry. To remove any stains, place micron sieve in heated water (115-120 degrees Fahrenheit) and a mild detergent. Soak sieve in solution for 60 minutes or more. Remove sieve, rinse and let dry.

It is safe to use the following classes of solvents AT ROOM TEMPERATURE.

  • Methyl ethyl ketone – Freons – Alcohols
  • Chlorinated solvents – Petroleum distillate