Sieve Products

Sieve Certification Services

Although we supply a high precision sieve product, normal wear is still possible. To ensure your sieve is still working at its ultimate performance level, Precision Eforming recommends an annual inspection and re-certification to ASTM E-161 or ISO 3310-3 standards.


Precision Eforming micro sieve products have been used for years in many different industries.

Our sieves can be used in applications such as super-abrasives/abrasives, pharmaceutical, solder sphere, metal powders/ceramics, wet/rry sieving.

Supplied worldwide, our micro sieves and mesh products have historically been an effective tool for providing a final product that has a narrow particle size distribution.

How to Wet Sieve

Wet sieving is a method to separate the coarse material with water or another type of liquid before drying, identifying and analysing. It is a method that can be used to prepare samples, for example, removing the fines, breaking down agglomerates or negate static charges. In this process, the sample is washed through the sieve stack. A sieve shaker could be used to carry out sieving and washing together.