Electroformed Test Sieves

Originally developed for the Diamond Superabrasive Industry, Precision Eforming manufactures a complete line of electroformed sieves to meet or exceed any process, environmental or design requirement.

Sieve Certification Services

Although we supply a high precision sieve product, normal wear is still possible. To ensure your sieve is still working at its ultimate performance level, Precision Eforming recommends an annual inspection and re-certification to ASTM E-161 or ISO 3310-3 standards.

Standard and Ultra Precision Electroformed Sieves

for Absolute Particle Filtration and Sizing

RANGE3um – 2000um at Single Micron Increment2um – 500um at Single Micron Increment3um – 2000um at Single Micron Increment
TOLERANCES+/- 2 Microns+/- 1 Microns+/- 2 Microns
STANDARDSASTM E-161 ISO 3310-3ASTM E-161 ISO 3310-3To Customer Specification
RIM RING OR MATERIAL SIZESStandard Stainless Steel or Acrylic Inch and MetricStandard Stainless Steel or Acrylic Inch and MetricUp to 29 inches X 18 inches. Up to 736mm X 457 mm
APERTURESquare – Round – Slotted – CustomSquare – Round – Slotted – CustomSquare – Round – Slotted – Custom
SS SUPPORT GRIDSAvailableAvailableAvailable

Originally developed for the Diamond Super-Abrasive Industry, electroformed sieves manufactured by Precision Eforming are ideal for absolute particle filtration applications. With an impressively vast range from 2 to 2,000 microns in any single micron increment, and a smooth-surface mesh that is burr and stress free, we are the world leader in the industry.

Electroformed Sieves, in combination with Sonic Sieving instruments, are often more efficient than standard sieve shakers with woven wire sieves. The high accuracy of electroformed mesh and the possibility to work with openings finer than 20µm, make them a better option for particle size analysis of fine powders. Standard electroformed mesh is supplied with a support grid, but sieves with no support are also available.

Each sieve is certified using an NIST traceable imaging system, and supplied with a measurement histogram.

In contrast to traditional woven wire sieves, the electroforming process allows for consistently tight tolerances and accurate edge acuity that determine particle size for our client’s most precision sensitive areas of the powder and particle industries. An added benefit of electroformed sieves is ease of cleaning and reduction in particle entrapment, saving you both time and money. And, you can choose the opening geometry from square, round, hexagonal, slotted or custom to best suit your material and process.

Common Applications

  • Super-Abrasives/Abrasives
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Solder Sphere
  • Metal Powders/Ceramics
  • Wet/Dry Sieving