HK Laboratory/Pilot Sieve Tower

Model # HK Sieve Shaker

The HK incorporates a unique heavy duty dual drive design which allows for quick sieve analysis of product samples. Adjustable concentric dual outboard rotary electric drives coupled with variable speed control allows for complete control settings. The HK is fully adjustable and the sieve tower can accommodate up to eight full height sieves or set of 16 half frame sieves.

Product Description

  • 8″, 12″ or 17″ sieve frames
  • Mesh sizes down to 635 mesh (20 micron)
  • Easily disassembled for simple, quick cleanup
  • Supplied for table top operation or with casters
  • Wet or dry applications
  • Air or electric operation
  • Dual drive design provides for maximum throughput of product
  • Sieves constructed of 304 stainless steel; non metallic material available

Recommended Cleaning Instructions for Electroformed Sieves

The correct handling, cleaning, drying and storing of the test sieves ensures their long service life and accuracy.

Particles can be removed from metal framed precision electroformed sieves using an ultrasonic bath of mild detergent and distilled water. The sieve should be placed in the vertical position. 150 watts maximum ultrasonic energy should be used for NO MORE THAN 15 SECONDS at a time to prevent cavitation damage to the sieve sheet. Remove the sieve, flush with deionized or distilled water, and air dry. Do NOT use a brush or pressurized air to clean the sieve sheet.

If the sieve sheet is broken, it can be repaired by applying epoxy cement with the point of a fine needle or applying small spheres of metal solder with a pencil-point iron. In both procedures a low power (10 to 50×) binocular microscope should be used.

Ultrasonic Cleaner of 150 Watts or Less:

  • Fill cleaner with mild detergent and heated water at a temperature of 70°- 90° F.
  • Place sieve in upright position for NO MORE THAN 15 SECONDS.
  • Remove the sieve, rinse with deionized or distilled water, and allow to air-dry.
  • DO NOT use a brush or pressurized air to clean the sieve sheet.

To Remove Stains:

  • Place sieve in a bath of mild detergent and heated water at a temperature of 115°–120°F.
  • Soak sieve in solution for at least 60 minutes.
  • Remove the sieve, rinse with distilled water, and allow to air-dry.
  • DO NOT use a brush or pressurized air to clean the sieve sheet.
  • For spot cleaning, isopropyl alcohol is acceptable.

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